Imprinting Hope Across Iraq

On the road to reconstruction in Baghdad, with volunteer teams from the Imprint of Hope organisation, who have spent over 15 days, doing up the replica Assyrian city gate and the land surrounding it. 

From the early hours until late into the night, work included redeveloping the gardens surrounding the gate, trimming the palm trees, washing and removing old paint from the gate, before applying fresh layers to the structure. 

This ongoing campaign, is a small but starting point, to recreate both hope and positivity in Iraqi society and Imprint of Hope will continue to reflect this bright image, which in the past has made Iraq truly great.

#TeamAMAR is coming to a British city near you

This year, Team AMAR will be taking on the Virgin Sport British 10K, the Manchester Half-Marathon, the Bristol Half-Marathon, the Henley 10K trail and the Thames Bridges Challenge (a 25 kilometre walk along the River Thames). 

AMAR CEO Richard Crow led by example, lacing up his running shoes for the British 10K in 2016: “It was great fun”, he said, “AMAR only puts forward a small team for events, meaning that there is a really friendly team spirit. I sincerely hope that people throughout the UK will sign up to make this another great summer for Team AMAR."

“The atmosphere of the British 10K was pretty amazing”, said Mysa Kafil-Hussain who joined the same run in 2013, “There was a really positive, festival-like, feeling to the event. It was tough but it was rewarding to know that I was raising both funds and awareness for AMAR’s amazing work.” 

Ancient palace emerges from under Mosul shrine destroyed by IS

The capture of the shrine of the prophet Yunus in Mosul on Jan. 19 from the Islamic State (IS), whose fighters rigged the shrine and blew it up July 24, 2014, revealed the extent of the destruction inflicted by the militants, and on Feb. 28 archaeologists uncovered a palace beneath it, intact since 600 B.C. 

The palace highlights the significant historical value of the site, dating back to the Assyrian Empire, which began emerging hundreds of centuries before the Christian era. Sheikh Abdullatif Hemayem, head of the Sunni waqf (endowment), visited Mosul March 18 and announced that the waqf is planning to rebuild the shrine's mosque, raising concerns that the newly discovered palace will again disappear, perhaps forever. 

Mosul parents sedate children with drugs, fearing discovery by Islamic State

Terrified Iraqi families fleeing fierce fighting in Mosul are drugging their children with sedatives or taping their mouths shut to prevent their cries alerting Islamic State militants as they try to escape, aid workers say. 

Hala Jaber of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said men caught trying to leave would be shot while women were sometimes tied up and left outside in the cold as a warning. Militants are also using civilians as human shields. 

Qayyarah emergency site grows with surge in new arrivals from Western Mosul

Military operations to fully retake Mosul are advancing further into the city’s densely-populated western neighbourhoods, triggering a sharp increase in the rate of displacement towards emergency camps and sites primarily in southern and eastern Ninewa Governorate. 

With new arrivals of civilians fleeing violence in Mosul, the Qayyarah Airstrip Emergency Site now hosts nearly 50,000 people in over 9,800 tents – making it one of the largest camps sheltering displaced Iraqis fleeing the months-long conflict.