Iraq: kick-starting agriculture and livelihoods in retaken areas

Ghanam Ibrahim’s shovel scrapes the concrete as he scoops up debris and tosses it onto a growing pile at the bottom of the canal, ready for removal by an excavator. The 35-year-old father of six is part of a Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) project that is restoring the water supply to the once fertile Ninewa Plains for the first time since the Islamic State of the Levant (ISIL) took the area in 2014. 

In Tikrit, Families Look To Mosul To Find Their Missing

In October 2014 fighters from the extremist group known as the Islamic State arrived in the Al Alam district near the central-southern city of Tikrit. They controlled the area, about 20 kilometres east of the city of Tikrit, which they also ran, and they had come to root out traitors to their rule and find out who had erected an Iraqi flag instead of theirs in the centre of the district. They arrested more than a hundred men and took them all away. 

The Genocide Against the Mandaeans of Iraq Continues

The Mandaean Human rights group condemns the brutal killing of a Mandaean man in Kirkuk and wounding his brother. 

On Sunday 27 Nov 2016 Mr Sami Kafif Z. AlZuhairy was murdered in the streets of Kirkuk, and his brother was wounded. 

The two brothers were attacked by four gunmen while driving to work. The attackers escaped chanting "Kufar" slogans. 

Iraq’s abandoned schools speak of a lost generation

Fathi Abdullah is twelve years old, but he doesn’t look a day over seven. His baby face is unscathed, despite years of having lived under Daesh. But his eyes tell a different story, showing a maturity beyond his years. Abdullah was nine when the militant group Daesh took over Iraq’s second largest city. With the city’s fall in June 2014, the armed group declared a “caliphate,” stretching from Syria to Iraq. 

Team of Czech surgeons head to Iraq to support coalition forces

The Battle of Mosul began back in mid-October. A major offensive by Iraqi troops, backed by international coalition forces, the aim is to liberate the city, which fell to ISIL back in the summer of 2014. Czech forces are not taking a direct part in fighting, but are offering various forms of ancillary support, such as training of Iraqi pilots.