Decline of higher education in Iraq continues

The University of Kufa declared on its website Sept. 6 that it ranked 701st among the world’s best universities, according to QS World University Rankings. 

This is great news for the reputation of the country's universities, since most Iraqi universities are not included in any global university rankings. Nevertheless, this achievement does not mean that Iraqi universities have overcome their problems, mainly the demand of students for an improvement in the education system. 

UN to help Iraq tackle sexual violence

The United Nations and Iraq signed an agreement Friday aimed at helping the Baghdad government tackle sexual violence in conflict, an issue that made headlines following the capture and rape of Yazidi women by Islamic State extremists in 2014. 

Zainab Hawa Bangura, the U.N. special envoy for sexual violence in conflict, and Iraq’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaffari, signed the joint communique on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly’s annual ministerial meeting. 

War crimes tribunal for IS detainees lacks support

War crimes investigators collecting evidence of the Islamic State group's elaborate operation to kidnap thousands of women as sex slaves say they have a case to try IS leaders with crimes against humanity but cannot get the global backing to bring current detainees before an international tribunal.  

Spanish Arabist celebrated in Amman

More than ever, the world needs to introduce spiritual elegance and beauty to all aspects of human culture, HRH Prince Hassan of Jordan said on Thursday. 

The prince’s call for humanising culture was made at a ceremony to name the Instituto Cervantes in Amman library after Emilio García Gómez, a Spanish Arabist, literary historian and critic whose talent as a poet enriched his many translations from Arabic. 

In his speech, the prince also highlighted García Gómez’s achievements as an ambassador of Spain in several Arab countries, and his friendships with Arab politicians and intellectuals including King Abdullah I.

A Portrait of Iraqi Refugees' Assimilation in America

American Baghdad is a short film that documents the struggles of leaving a homeland behind. In the film, Iraqis speak candidly about the process of becoming refugees in California. 

It’s a necessary and humanizing portrait: They were displaced due to America’s war in Iraq, and were among the small percentage of those who were granted refugee status and permitted to immigrate. 

El Cajon, a county in San Diego, has one of the highest concentrations of Iraqi refugees in America, and a majority of these refugees are Chaldean, a Christian minority in Iraq.To learn more about the film, visit American Baghdad is produced by Atlas Brave.