British Museum training Iraqi experts to save Mosul heritage

As Iraqi forces fight to take back Mosul from the Islamic State group, archaeologists trained by the British Museum are preparing for another battle -- trying to save what they can of the city's heritage. One of the world's leading institutions for the study of ancient Iraq, the London museum has been training Iraqi experts for the past year in high-tech methods to preserve and document their history. 

Radiation danger raises concern, controversy in Iraq

Radiation levels in parts of Iraq — including the heavily populated capital — are an environmental disaster that must be investigated and remedied, parliament member Hassan Salem and his Iraqi National Alliance electoral coalition maintain. The level of contamination actually rises at times as more radioactive remnants of war are uncovered. 

Beauty from bombs – An Iraqi artist makes the most of the detritus of war

Artist Fattah Mohammed Fattah is using leftover parts of Iraq’s dark history to inspire new creations, animal sculptures made from leftover pieces of metal from tanks, shells and other reminders of war. His gallery has just opened its doors in the city of Dohuk, north of Mosul. 

Finland supports a humanitarian aid operation of the Red Cross in Iraq

By decision of the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Kai Mykkänen, Finland will grant EUR 500,000 to the Finnish Red Cross for humanitarian aid activities in Iraq. 

The Finnish Red Cross will use the Foreign Ministry’s support for sending both aid workers and supplies to hospitals in which persons wounded in battle in Mosul are treated. 

Iraqi Red Crescent, Embassy of Japan to provide mobile medical unit

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has signed a contract with the Embassy of Japan in Iraq, to provide a mobile medical unit to the displaced in Erbil camps. 

The Ambassador of Japan to Iraq, Mr. Fomio Iwai, has praised the humanitarian efforts that the IRCS has provided, especially throughout the Mosul crisis and has praised the IRCS response to the needs of those displaced.